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200A Arc, MIG and TIG Welder

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The simplified boards are finally ready!.

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Note: I am no longer building the simplified boards. I have decided to design a simpler to use board with more features but still do low cost. As I am still underemployed, no idea when i can get enough $$ to invest in new prototypes. Hopefully lathe 2014. I am looking at doing a digital version that can be software updated.

Second Prototype shown.

You can build a welder with a modified alternator, a few resistors and some welding cables. Can be powered by a gas or electric motor. There are several of these floating around like the "weldernators". They basically work, but have little output control. They will also likely blow out the rectifier bridge as there is no protection from the output running away and no stabilizer for a better arc. These typically run at about 20V; that will work, but hard to maintain an arc.

The idea is to have a generic control board to allow any power source with current/voltage control to be used for Arc, MIG and TIG welding. It has a programmable slope and OCV just like the big welders have. Also it supports both Constant-Voltage (CV) and Constant-Current (CC) modes so TIG, ARC and MIG can be done. It can also be used as a fast battery charger.

This can be used for a home-built welder that can be made relatively inexpensively (second prototype shown above.) The control board with a suitable motor (gas or electric), an alternator, belt and pulleys and you will have a very capable DC arc welder. 10HP electric or 12HP gas should be enough for DIY use. Add gas and a wire feeder and you will have MIG. Add a TIG torch and gas solenoid and you can do scratch start TIG. The board has a manual with all the connections explained. Most of the work is mechanical.

Scratch-start DC TIG is supported. A HF start is planned The menu at the top shows the options from a simple arc welder to a multi-process setup. There are also examples of my two prototype designs..

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