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Control board Pictures:

Has a small processor to control the system and display (empty socket in right picture.) It is software-controlled with analog circuitry to do the actual current/voltage control. It uses a PIC processor and custom firmware.

The board has an isolated driver output that can mimic a rheostat as a remote control for transformer-based arc welders or control the field of a welder/generator. It can also control the field of an alternator.

There is also isolated voltage and current inputs. It has inputs for remote contactor and current control (MIG feeder or TIG foot pedal) There are contactor and gas solenoid outputs. Four spare inputs can be used for TIG slope, pulse or gas pre/post controls. Three 8-pin connectors with screw terminals are provided for the wiring.

The Two Different Boards:

There will be two boards. The first one shown above was generic and designed to operate with any power source. This has made it complicated and expensive to produce

A second board is in development that is simpler. It will basically have simplified controls and very little digital parts. The features will be:

It should be lower cost and simpler to use. Should be finished by the early March.

A silkscreened panel will be made also. The idea is to provide a board users can mount on their welders. It will have the connectors and wiring diagrams needed.

The second board is coming along, just about ready to have boards made. The preliminary schematic can be downloaded here. The schematic shows surface-mount parts. Users who would rather build their own boards can substitute equivalent thru-hole parts.