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Test welds using the DIY welder

 MIG welding, first prototype.

These are the first test welds on 1/8" steel. First weld lasted about 2 seconds before the pulley spun off the alternator. Second weld was better. 0.030 wire, 19V probably about 100A. Could have used a bit more current.

Test was done with the Airco wire feeder powered off 110V. Had not finished the 12V feeder yet.


 Lincoln Fleetweld 47 6013 3/32 (2.4mm) rod, DCEP.

Welded bracket on trailer hitch for plug. 1/8" steel angle to 1/4" thick box section.

Very little spatter (that is slag flakes in front of the C-clamp.)

Arc welding, first prototype.

3/32" 7018 rod. Tried higher OCV (45V.). Still current a bit high. The top left was DCEP with lowest current and is cleaner. Bottom trace had too much current still and has big blob of weld hanging down. Need to adjust current range a bit..

Arc welding, First prototype.

5/64" 6013 rod, DCEN, 1/8" steel, OCV 36V, again too much current.


Arc test with second prototype.

5/64 6013 rod, 48 OCV. Was busy listening to the motor and checking the display. The last part (on left) was better as I was concentrating more. Almost spatter free.

 Test MIG welds with my Airco Heleiwelder. About 130 amps on 1/8" steel.

It worked but the Airco limits the minimum weld current to about 80A. Below that, the board can not set the current low enough and the wire just burns back.