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Some similar projects:

Yahoo! Amptrol Group - A beast of a welder, used big diesel engine and 4 alternators. Other similar home-built are discussed.

Homebuilt arc welder - uses parts from several dead microwave ovens.

Home Built TIG - Uses AC motor and alternator with simple control.

Auto-Powered Arc welder - Very good aricle (old) for a very simple arc welder.

TIG Welder - More elaborate design with better control.

MIG welder...homemade - MIG welder made from old battery charger parts.

High Frequency Start Box - HF box to start and maintain the arc for TIG welding. Can be used to convert an arc welder to TIG.


Useful sites: - Very good message board. Does more than just MIG, supports all types of welding. Lots of good information and helpful group there. They have recently added TIG and stick tutorials to their web site along with the MIG tutorial. I highly recommend it.

Welding Tips and Tricks - Great site with practical info fron one who has been doing welding for years. - Lots of information including history. - Lots of liks to other sites with information

Miller Welding - A must see for any welder. Lots of good reference material, tools and information.

Lincoln Electric - Another good resource for information.

Craig's List - Get stuff local and sell your extra parts. Some great deals ther if you keep an eye on it.

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